This Mom Installs A Camera To Keep An Eye On Nanny And What She Finds Is Horrifying (9 Photos)

Suppose you hired a person to look after your child when you are out for work, and one day you find that the same person abuses your child. Will it not be the worst nightmare for you? Well, what we only hear in stories got real with a lady, and now she wants to warn every parent to be extremely careful before hiring any babysitter for their kid. What exactly happened? How did the woman come to know the whole matter? And, how did she deal with that? Keep all your questions safe with you. Here are the answers for all of them! Whitney Matney is a young mother and law student.   Whitney was looking to hire a nursemaid to help care her 1-year-old daughter   Later, she ended up hiring a former high school classmate, who came up with loads of experience. Moreover, the lady came up with reliable references that made her seem perfect for the job.   When the nightmare begins… A few weeks later, Whitney and her husband Chris noticed that Raylee’s (their daughter) behaviour was considerably different. Whenever the nanny showed up, Raylee would run to her parents and hide behind them. Whitney and Chris noticed the happy and energetic kid suddenly turned into a shy little girl who always seemed to be afraid of something. Whitney and Chris decided to purchase a nanny cam and set it up in the living room. What the footage reveal is outrageous! The nanny was caught on the cam spanking and vigorously shaking the 1-year-old kid before noticing the camera, staring into the lens and turning it towards the wall. The nanny ended up being imprisoned for her abusive actions towards the toddler. WARNING* This video might be disturbing for some viewers.1

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