Dragon Ball Super- Universe 7 Fighters – Tournament Of Power

The next arc of Dragon Ball Super is going to be unreal. We will have a Tournament of Power arranged by 2 Omni Kings that will involve all 12 existing Universe and will be monitored by the mysterious Grand Priest.  This Tournament of Power is going to be way more intense and serious than any of us ever imagined; they will literally have to fight for their existence! Such Savage Rules! 1 SUBSCRIBE- DRAGON BALL SUPER YT FOR DAILY UPDATES CLICK HERE>> AND SUBSCRIBE!!  According to the preview summary, the losing Universes will get fuckin destroyed. It goes without saying so much has never been on stake ever before. We have a lot of interesting things to look forward to like, what will happen with 2 Omni Kings? Will some secret get revealed about The Grand Priest? Or things like an unveiling of 10 new Gods of Destruction and a whole bunch of new fighters from all the Universes. All that apart, from our perspective the Universe 7 team will have a lot on their shoulders as the fate of the entire Universe now depends on them. Everything that we know off will be defended by this ten man squad! The tournament fighting format will also be really refreshing; it is hinted that primarily we will have team battles instead of one on one! That is quite logical as one on one would take forever to finish as in total we would have around 120 fighters in the tournament!  Unless they go through some form of filtering before even starting the tournament and have only a select few Universes. From the manga scan, it does look like we have all 12 God-kaioshin pairs! Further details will be released in the coming weeks, hopefully. Anyways, now let’s analyze how good our team is and if the decision of team formation was accurate both from plot and external marketing perspectives- So, first we have the obvious fighters, none left out. By obvious, I mean the ones who were in the last tournament- Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Majin Buu. Well, err there was Monaka, but Beerus won’t keep up the act even when the existence of the Universe is at stake obviously.  Then, we have Gohan, Android 17 and The Human Z Fighters. MORE ON PAGE 2>>

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