Dragon Ball Super- Universe 7 Fighters – Tournament Of Power

Undoubtedly Android 17 is the biggest surprise as he is one character we haven’t seen after the Cell arc. This is going to be a major return,  all these years we don’t know what 17 had been doing. Did he train? Can they now increase their power with training?  We don’t really know as 18 never trained! So, I am expecting at least 1 episode before the next arc where they explain 17 and his return. The arc will first launch in the Manga and then on the anime, meaning in February. Before that, we will get 4-5 episodes.  Episode 73 and 74 will do right by Gohan, and then we can expect an episode of A17. Then maybe 1 or 2 episodes about the other Z fighters, maybe some tease from new Universes too! 2 Then, Gohan finally huh! Make Gohan Great Again! Right from the beginning of Super along with teasing this tournament they have also teased the return of Gohan, but it just wasn’t happening! Now, just when the fan demand is at its peak Gohan is returning, and he looks all fit, and muscular!  This outfit, this look you know is his mystic form look. So, who do you think Gohan trained with is it with Piccolo, Goku or Vegeta! Or do you think Goku arranged Gohan a training session with Whis. Well, maybe under normal circumstances Whis and Beerus wouldn’t train Gohan, but as everything is at stake, they shall try to prepare their team in the best way possible. Maybe even training every single member, who knows! Fans have always argued that fighters like Piccolo and Tien are experienced, talented and are fast learners. Specially, Piccolo at his prime time had even temporarily surpassed Goku and Vegeta after becoming a Super Namek! So, who knows we might even end up getting something so satisfying we didn’t even expect! Like A God Piccolo or even Tien, but it goes without saying if Gohan gets training from Whis he would benefit from it the most. As mentioned by Vegeta earlier on in DBS, Gohan has the highest dormant potential. For Gohan to power up, he might get a new transformation. If it were up to me I would give him something different than Super Saiyan Blue; as I feel that shall remain exclusive to Goku and Vegeta. Like, in the last arc they tweaked it a bit for Trunks and gave him a form that had the Blue aura and was officially named a few days ago as ‘ Super Saiyan Rage, anger or fury ‘!

About the Human Z fighters, I am extremely satisfied to get Krillin, Tien, and Roshi. It’s almost like exactly how I would build the team if I were the story writer! Maybe just maybe I would get Pikkon in place of 17, but then again 17 have chemistry with 18. So, that works too. Actually, that works better.

Now, many fans are pissed off that we won’t be getting Goten and Trunks. Plot wise we need the strongest possible team for U7, and I’ll come back to that later. But, think with a wider perspective. Goku and Vegeta will have the majority of the action and both of them are Saiyans. Then, we have Gohan who is expected to play a Future Trunks like role, and even he is a Saiyan. The last arc was dominated by a Saiyan. So, I honestly think it was a fantastic decision to not take Goten and Trunks. 5 Saiyans in a single team! I don’t know how you guys would feel, but I think that would be boring and repetitive.


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